Our Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Company Reviews

A Few of Our Favorite Reviews

“On behalf of everyone at our agency Dallas Janitorial Services has always been courteous, timely, and professional. On several occasions they have proven their honesty, integrity, and work ethic. Furthermore, none of our employees or associates have any complaints that would warrant any negative feedback. On the contrary, they always fulfilled their responsibilities completely and without hesitation.”

- Arturo C.

“The Quality of their services has been superior to others I have used in the past and they are reliable, prompt and courteous. In addition I would not hesitate to recommend them for any commercial service they offer, noting that great attention is paid to detail and thoroughness of their work. They frequently request feedback for the purpose of improving customer service and satisfaction.”

- Norm S.

“We would highly recommend this company. They are very attentive about our needs and helps us keep a very clean working environment and saves us money. They ask frequently if anyone in our organization has any issues or changes that might need to be addressed. Their staff seems to be very dependable and friendly. They know that service is everything.”

- Dina C.

“Everything looks really good and everything smells great too, we were really pleased.”

- Meagan G.

“Dallas Janitorial Services has been more than accommodating with our needs… We truly appreciate their conscientiousness.”

- Kim W.

“The reliability and sense of dependability is very refreshing.”

- George W.

“Thanks for the wonderful job your team has done.”

- Bill L.

“You did such a good job, I really appreciate it.”

- Pam J.

Many more business references are available and you are next!!!

We value every client as a million dollar client regardless of size, number of locations, or frequency. For the last 3 years we have retained over 95% of our commercial cleaning clients (not including those that have returned after leaving) and are continually growing.