Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services in Frisco

Office, Floors, Carpets, Bathrooms, Windows

At Janitorial Services, we believe in putting our client’s best interest first. To that end, we provide customized cleaning solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your Frisco-based facility and your operating schedule. Our three-fold daily focus is quality, customer service, and safety. You can always depend on Janitorial Services to deliver the best service, leaving you free to be the best at what you do in Frisco.

Our comprehensive janitorial services include:

  • Disinfecting restrooms
  • Emptying trash bins
  • Dusting
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Practically anything else, based on your needs

*Note: In addition to basic office cleaning, we also offer the following janitorial services, often at no charge for our regular clients:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Restroom Acid Washing

Open, Honest and Trustworthy Janitorial Services

If you are seeking janitorial services for your Frisco-based business, you may have already had a poor experience with other services who over-promise and under-deliver. At Janitorial Services, we strive daily to raise the bar through high-quality service and personal accountability.

Janitorial Services is a company apart. We offer our janitorial services with no commitment to a contract needed (though we do offer contract services upon request). Should you ever find you are unhappy with our services, you are free to take your business elsewhere in Frisco (though 30 days’ notice is appreciated).

We stand behind all our work 100 percent, and open client communication is the backbone of our business. We welcome your valuable feedback on your level of satisfaction with our services, and we are delighted to hear from you at any time.

It is our belief that the 95 percent client retention rate in Frisco reflects our acute focus on quality, customer service and safety. We use only the best cleaning equipment and supplies, employ well-qualified and motivated professional team members, and we welcome your questions and feedback regarding our service options.

Value-Added Commercial Cleaning

As part of our exceptional standard of quality at Janitorial Services, we include several value-added services at no additional charge to our janitorial clients in the Frisco area. For example, there’s no additional charge for essential janitorial tasks like removing calcium buildup in your restrooms. We believe routine maintenance should not be an additional cost if you are already paying for janitorial services.

Best of all, we offer these same value-added services at a discounted rate to our commercial cleaning clients, too. You can keep your office restrooms and kitchen areas professionally clean and sanitary without the need to engage additional services.

Call or visit our website today to engage our services, and rest easy in the knowledge that your office cleaning is now in the capable hands of Janitorial Services. We perform nighttime inspections on a routine basis to maintain the high standard of quality we demand from our team members, and our daytime inspections allow us to view your space from your customer’s perspective for potential trouble areas.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with our work, please notify us within 24 hours after your initial service. We will happily make it right with a full re-cleaning at no cost to you.