Why Do You Need The Highest Standard of Cleaning for Your Workspace?

You arrive at your office complex ready to start a new day. You greet the rest of the team and proceed to the shared breakroom to put your lunch in the refrigerator. You dread this part because you know even before you open the door what you’ll experience. After bracing yourself you grab the moist and sticky refrigerator door handle. You vaguely remember the handle being white some years ago, but now it’s just a faded memory. 

After putting your lunch away you rush to the restroom to get whatever is stuck to your hand from the fridge door handle off. You shut down your mind as you enter. Once inside you head to the sink feeling the stickiness from the floor. You know better than to look down. While washing your hands, you notice the stains on the mirrors and the water spots on the sink that were there days before. The black-green grime ring where the faucet head meets the sink is more than you can take as you go to dry your hands and escape the dark and dingy bathroom.

If you can relate to the scenario above, you wouldn’t be alone. Let’s not kid ourselves here – a clean workspace is a great workspace. When business leaders run a clean and tidy work environment it makes your employees happy to come into such a space every day. No one that we can think of enjoys a messy place to work from. In fact, it feels fantastic to know that you and your staff don’t have to worry about smelly carpets or sticky floors. No more dreading grabbing the refrigerator handle. 

Still not convinced? Let’s find out why you need to have the highest standard of cleaning.

Disadvantages of not having high cleaning standard in a Workplace


  • Molds in the workplace can cause all types of problems. There are around 1000 types of mold in the US. Molds love to live in moist and damp areas. In an office or other inside environment, that means you can find molds growing around kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets and even water fountains. 
  • Molds can cause allergic reactions, skin and eye irritations and a host of other problems. Without proper cleaning, molds can multiply very quickly. Molds enjoy any type of indoor environment because it’s out of direct sunlight and in a place with a stable temperature. Illness from mold can cause workers to call in sick.


  • Anyone knows that when you have a cleaner workplace you cut down on certain contaminants. Hand washing is one of the most important things anyone can do to avoid contaminating workspaces. Unfortunately, some 67 percent of Americans say they never bother to use soap to wash their hands after using a public bathroom. 
  • The reason for this alarming statistic could be that a lot of people have a fear of using public restrooms due to the appearance of them. Discarded paper on the floor, nasty looking or empty soap dispensers and a lack of paper towels could easily contribute to people avoiding hand washing basics.

Community Areas

  • Shared breakroom areas can become a source of discontent for any worker. To be perfectly blunt, lots of people are slobs. They leave food crumbs on tables without cleaning up after themselves, liquids on table and countertops and let’s not forget about how unhygienic the microwave can become.
  • If the person causing the mess simply walks away without cleaning up, others are quick to adapt. Pretty soon the shared area becomes little more than a dumping ground.

Commonly Used Surfaces

  • Walls, switches, tables, desks and more can often become breeding grounds for viruses, especially during the winter months. It’s been estimated that between 9 million and 45 million people catch the flu each year in the US. 
  • That’s a staggering statistic. Without proper work surface cleaning this can amount to severe personnel shortages, which will definitely impact your business. It also causes anxiety for workers because no one wants to be sick and have to miss work days.
  • When you include other surfaces such as vending machines, elevator buttons, door handles and more, the potential for illness is raised significantly. 

According the the University of Arizona, which conducted a large-scale study on the subject, the most commonly contaminated areas in workplaces are:

  • 75 percent of break room sink faucet handles 
  • 48 percent of microwave door handles 
  • 26 percent of refrigerator door handles 


  • Besides mold, germs, bacteria, dead skin, food particles and who knows what else, there’s simply nothing else to add to this discussion whether talking about carpet or hard flooring is there?

Advantages to having a high standard of cleaning for your workspace

Peace of mind

  • Workers know when they’ve come into a clean workspace by just the smell and the look of it. When the workers are happy, everyone is happy. A clean workspace instantly takes away stress and worry. 

Improved Air Quality

  • By reducing allergens, germs and any other types of airborne illness, you not only help to reduce sick days but promote more productivity. Clean flooring makes such a difference in the workplace mentality.

Respect of Shared Space

  • When you have clean common areas, employees will be more encouraged to use them. When a public restroom is well maintained, people are less likely to mess them up, and more likely to clean up after themselves a lot more. Clean tables and breakroom appliances are more than refreshing, they are also healthy. Including signs to clean up after themselves will be taken more seriously.

Brand Improvement

  • When customers come into your business, a clean working environment comes across as a business that’s concerned about the welfare of themselves and the employees. 

Janitorial Services is here to Help

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