Why Building Cleaning Services Have Gotten Tougher During COVID-19

Building Cleaning ServicesRapid transmission and high infection rates aren’t the only problems making COVID-19 difficult to combat in the workplace and commercial settings. Many cleaning services are finding it challenging to adequately protect clients from viral contagion with sanitization and cleaning materials.

Why is their job so much tougher now than ever before?

Here are just a few of the many reasons building cleaning services have gotten tougher during COVID-19.

1. Specialized Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning and sanitizing high traffic surfaces requires specialized disinfectant that is certified safe by the EPA and meets CDC requirements to kill COVID-19. Surfaces have to be scrubbed of surface grime and dirt with a cleaning solution before they can be properly sanitized with a disinfectant that meets CDC COVID-19 disinfecting standards.

Moreover, once or twice a week cleaning is no longer effective in keeping surfaces sanitized. Daily cleaning or cleaning multiple times per day is often necessary to help keep the spread of the virus under control.

2. Changes in Required PPE and Sanitizing Protocols

In addition to the requirements for disinfectants, cleaning services are changing the types of PPE their staff wear while cleaning. Face shields, masks, gloves and disposable coveralls or bibs are now standard for cleaners working in commercial buildings that command high foot traffic like big box stores, shopping malls and retail locations.

Even if employees and customers follow mask mandates and social distancing protocols, people will still spread germs and potentially COVID-19 without knowing it. Surfaces in high traffic areas have to be cleaned and sanitized multiple times per day, and having a professional follow up at least daily is critical to ensuring the spread of this virus is halted altogether. Establishing and following new protocols for superior sanitation standards can make a significant difference in both client/customer and worker safety.

3. Waste Disposal Protocols

Cleaning crews have to take extra precautions when working with potentially contaminated waste. Properly sealing trash bags or layering additional bags is a must, and all cleaning waste needs to be disposed of safely to prevent accidental spread of COVID-19.

4. CDC Advisories and Recommendations

It seems like every day that the CDC has new social distancing and sanitization recommendations and advisories that are announced through official channels or the evening news. Keeping up with what’s required versus what’s effective has quickly become a quagmire of half-truths and misinformation.

Experienced cleaners know how to spot the difference, but it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the information as it comes out and gets distorted via the news and social media interpretations. Unless you are paying close attention, it’s easy to miss the latest developments in effectively combating COVID-19.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has made life difficult for cleaning service providers all over the world. New disinfectants, new cleaning and sanitizing protocols, waste disposal protocols and CDC advisories/recommendations have all complicated matters to the point that many businesses and building owners aren’t sure what they do and don’t need to do to keep clients and workers safe.

There has never been a better time to reach out to an experienced and professional cleaning service company to handle all your cleaning and sanitization needs. Janitorial Service is ready to help you combat the spread of COVID-19 in your building or workplace.

Give us a call to schedule a consultation, and we will help you keep your workers and clients safe and healthy through these unprecedented times.