Reasons Why You Should Not Do Office Cleaning By Yourself

Some business leaders may feel that they don’t need the services of a professional cleaning company, and that’s just fine. But when you think about the pros and cons of it, you might want to rethink your reasoning if you have a business in Frisco and the Ft. worth area. 

Professional cleaning companies like Janitorial Services exist because we know the ins and outs of the cleaning business. Knowing the rules of cleaning isn’t as easy as it might seem. Though you might mean well, you definitely don’t want to do wrong by yourself or your employees. Let’s check out some main reasons why you should not do office cleaning by yourself.

The Costs 

Weighing the costs of cleaning your business may not be as straightforward as you might think. Most businesses find that it’s not very cost effective to purchase their own industrial cleaning equipment. You could always lease the equipment, but this isn’t the best long term solution either. 

If you own your equipment, you’ll need things like a proper storage area and maybe a maintenance contract. The cleaning chemicals might also need to be stored according to state and OSHA requirements. Then there are supporting elements like protective gear. From masks to gloves to overalls and sometimes more, you’re going to need to make sure you won’t be harmed while using these industrial solutions. 

Then there is the training. It wouldn’t be wise to simply start mixing some cleaning solutions together and then hoping for the best. Think about it this way: Our company has been serving Dallas/Ft. Worth since 2006, and we are still training and learning about industrial cleaning every day.     

The Time

So you have all of your industrial cleaning items, but do you have the time to actually clean anything? Not to mention the energy or motivation to do it at the end of the workday. You could always try to do a bit of cleaning during the workday, but it defeats the purpose of “working” if you are too busy cleaning during operating hours. 

On an average day, work can be very involved and stressful. In other words, you need to be in the right mindset and be able to commit when performing a task such as cleaning. You risk losing productivity if you don’t give your business requirements the attention it deserves. Workers are patient only to a certain point. They might start to feel ignored if certain requests aren’t fulfilled on time because you are too busy trying to clean the bathroom floor. 

Missed a Spot

You might be paying attention to common cleaning tasks like mopping and sweeping the floors and wiping the tables down, but what if you forget to clean the restroom one day, or there’s mold growing at the bottom of the water fountain spout that had been missed? 

You could find yourself in a world of hurt if someone decides to make a complaint to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). The safety regulation body takes complaints very seriously, especially when the complaint comes from an employee. Negative findings from an OSHA inspection could lead to your business being fined damages for safety violations or even worse. Your business could also be temporarily or even permanently shuttered due to the severity of the violations.  

We know the above paragraph sounds extreme, but it does happen. No one expects you as a business leader to know the most current cleaning standards. Things will be missed during cleanings if you don’t know what to look for. Then again, this is why you hire experts in their field to clean your workplace. 

Legal Ramifications

What if you or one of your workers slips and falls due to a wet floor that you were attempting to clean? What happens if a certain cleaning agent spills on someone and they start to experience problems because of it? Would you know what to do in case of a chemical spill? How about treating an employee if they came into contact with a dangerous liquid? 

Liability risk is an absolute certainty when dealing with cleaning-related injuries. If you hired a professional cleaning company then they would have to handle things like expensive insurance and injury claims under their umbrella instead of your business.  

Dealing with Chemicals

You might feel comfortable storing your cleaning solutions in the company closet, but you’d be making a grave mistake. Most cleaning chemicals need to be stored in special containers. These containers are normally vented and designed to be stored away from unauthorized personnel. Depending on what type of cleaning products you have, you’ll need to maintain them according to OSHA or state guidance. 

Potential risks from improperly storing industrial cleaners can be numerous. Some of the more common instances are:


  • Accidental mixing


Although bleach and ammonia are fantastic cleaners, they should never be mixed together because the vapors they produce can cause severe burning and even lung damage if the gasses are inhaled.


  • Sensitivity to Exposure


Certain chemicals have been known to trigger things like asthma attacks or breathing ailments. Some cleaning agents have also been known to cause eye irritation and burns to the skin. This is why proper gear must always be used when performing industrial cleaning.  

It can be very dangerous to store the wrong type of chemical products together, as well as irresponsible. Certain chemicals cannot be stored together due to risk of explosion or other factors. A commercial cleaning company already has this taken care of, as they have special facilities for chemical storage. 

It’s Time to Get Serious with Janitorial Services

Our team would love to get together with you to discuss the safest way to keep your business in compliance with departmental and state regulations. We have highly trained staff to take care of any cleaning problem your business needs. We keep current on the latest safety procedures and have the most advanced equipment available. 

When you decide to contact us, we’ll be more than happy to set up a meeting with you. Upon your approval we’ll also conduct an inspection of your business to help you formulate the perfect cleaning plan.