How to Protect the Health and Wellness of Your Building Tenants

Building Cleaning DallasRemaining successful in rental property management, as it is for most businesses, is dependent on the quality of the product. Earning and retaining customers through superior offerings saves on costs and increases revenue. If you fail to take care of your customers, they will seek solutions elsewhere, causing you to expend time and marketing efforts to make up for the loss.

Maintaining the health and wellness of your tenants is critical to a long and valuable relationship. Poor experiences with upkeep and safety concerns can damage your reputation and give understandable cause for tenants to seek alternative housing. Some essential considerations and a routine of health and safety audits can be impactful in sustaining satisfaction and increasing ROI.

Landlord Legal Liabilities

An excellent place to start when considering how you can maximize the wellbeing of your tenants is looking at the standards set in place by federal and local governments. These guidelines cover the majority of property features, the landlord’s responsibilities relating to each one and what can be considered “habitable” in a legal sense. Local governments may define more specific, unique landlord responsibilities but in general,

There are six components that landlords must follow:

  • Building codes: Building and safety codes can define safety surrounding asbestos, lead paint or other toxic building materials as well as the use of safety equipment (e.g. smoke and carbon monoxide detectors). They can also mandate occupancy levels and acceptable integrity of the structure and utilities.
  • Repairs: Landlords must be responsive in fixing whatever is reasonably necessary to maintain acceptable conditions.
  • Common areas: Making sure common areas are adequately lit, clean and free from hazards is primarily the obligation of the landlord, though they can hold tenants accountable for their contributions to messes.
  • Utilities and essential services: Plumbing, electrical, gas, and HVAC services and fixtures need to be maintained at all times. Similarly, any essential feature that contributes to the accessibility or use of the building (e.g. elevators) also needs to be adequately functional.
  • Trash receptacles: Landlords are responsible for providing adequate trash and recycling bins that follow local guidelines.
  • Running water: Hot and cold water and, in some instances, heat need to be supplied in reasonable amounts.

Following these basics covers most areas that contribute to the protection of your tenants’ health and safety. Maintaining these key areas avoids issues relating to the implied warranty of habitability, an infallible standard that holds landlords responsible and offers tenants legal recourse if any area is insufficient.

Adding Value for Your Tenants

The legal liabilities are the minimum standard for any landlord’s maintenance efforts. However, they do little to elevate the image of the rental property and enhance the value. Adding benefits for customers not only means you can charge more but also add to their overall satisfaction and subsequently their tenure renting from you.

Pest Control

An infestation of pests needs to be handled swiftly, as their unmanaged presence can conflict with the implied warranty of habitability. Unwanted ants, cockroaches, mice and other nuisances spread disease by contaminating food and surfaces. Many also cause safety hazards by boring into a wood structure, destroying insulation and chewing through electrical wiring. Letting an infestation last can make many structures unlivable.

Exterminations are costly and extreme circumstances can even temporarily force tenants out of their units. Preventative maintenance through regular pest control can avoid these extra expenses while displaying value and genuine concern to your current and prospective tenants.

  • Maintain Grounds: Well maintained landscaping adds a sharp touch to a rental property and demonstrates attention to detail. At the same time, trimming back overgrown plants and mowing the lawn take shelter away from pests. Overhanging branches from trees and plants leading up to the building can create bridges for pests to make their way in.
  • Seal Entrances: Find any cracks or gaps around your buildings and seal with silicone caulk or cement if the gaps are large. Ants and smaller pests can fit through the tiniest spaces so be thorough in your inspection. Take care to seal around pipes, vents, electrical lines, and other openings for lines running into the house.
  • Professional Treatment: The optics of a professional doing routine checks and sprays are good for landlords. Scheduling a professional visit at least once a quarter looks great on a lease agreement.

Interior Cleanliness

The most important factor concerning the health and wellbeing of your tenants is the cleanliness of the area indoors. Poor sanitation can invite pests, encourage the spread of disease and allow environmental factors like dust and mold to develop.

Here are four points to remember to keep your rental property clean and your tenants healthy:

  • Clean the Floors: Hallways and common areas see a ton of traffic and collect the most grime throughout the day. Vacuum and deep clean the carpets and mop floors regularly. Do a strip and wax on floors when you can no longer get the dirt up.
  • Take Out the Trash: Regularly take out the trash to avoid attracting pests and creating unwanted odors.
  • Clean Common Surfaces: COVID has renewed our motivation for cleanliness and regularly sanitizing surfaces from office desks to common area tables should be made a priority.
  • Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy: Always make sure to have regularly used cleaners stocked to tackle cleanups effectively and quickly. Depending on the cleanup, having to wait to get the right cleaner can put the health and safety of tenants at risk.

A deep clean of available rental units is a must to set the right impression with prospective renters. An immaculately maintained interior keeps your rental property pest and germ-free while elevating the look and appeal.

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