8 Easy Office Cleaning Tips for a Tidy Workspace

Office Cleaning TipsFor most office workers, tidiness has a direct relationship with satisfaction and productivity. A cluttered desk and disorganized workspace make it hard to maneuver, locate important materials and work safely. If you need to find an important paper, it can be infuriating to rummage through a sea of random odds and ends, wasting valuable time in the process.

As COVID changed the importance we lend to health and safety, many of us have strengthened our resolve to conduct business more conscientiously. To that end, the value in professional cleaning is at an all-time high. However, there are several simple office housekeeping habits that can also be significantly impactful.

To promote practical habits and foster the well-being of your employees, try these eight easy office cleaning tips.

1. Create an Organized Schedule

Much of the housekeeping can be done by mobilizing the employees in the office to handle simple tasks every day. Creating an official daily schedule, sharing it with staff and posting it in the office can establish accountability and consistency. Employees can be tasked with keeping their own areas clean or office duties can be divided up so that everyone has an area of responsibility (e.g. Noah takes out the garbage, Emma wipes down counters).

2. Focus on the Floors

Floors, whether carpeted or hardwood, attract the most dirt and grime within the workplace. It is essential that vacuuming, sweeping and mopping are made a frequent ritual. Regularly vacuuming carpets and mopping floors removes much of the dust, dirt and bacteria that can irritate office workers. Cleaning your floors more frequently also prevents dirt stains from setting in, maintaining a fresh appearance.

3. Regularly Wipe Down Surfaces

Many businesses have adopted wipe-down practices as part of their everyday routine since COVID fears hit the workplace. Not all spills require bacteria-killing power and it is best to use these cleaners only when needed. For quick cleanups, a simple cleaning spray is sufficient to freshen up surfaces. Common surfaces like break room tables and counters as well as heavily used surfaces such as desks should be given special attention. Keyboards, computers and phones should be regularly disinfected as well.

4. Reduce Clutter on Desks

A key part of productivity is a clean and organized workspace. Rather than let trash pile up on the desk, keep waste and recycle bins at all workstations to encourage employees to dispose of any unwanted items. Discuss different ways of reducing clutter with your staff and discourage the presence of items unrelated to work. Making the office as paperless as possible is an effective clutter-prevention measure that can save you a lot of money while being environmentally conscious.

5. Enforce Food and Drink Policies

The break room is the center of poor cleaning habits and a great place to implement easy housekeeping practices. Integrate regular refrigerator and microwave cleanings into the cleaning schedule. Go an extra step by restricting food and drink to the designated dining area to avoid added clutter and poor hygiene at workstations. This will also help deter any unwanted pests like ants and mice from being drawn in by food debris.

6. Keep Cleaning Supplies Stocked

Nothing enables poor cleaning habits like lack of proper equipment. Employees need to have cleaning and safety equipment on hand at all times to comfortably and efficiently clean their assigned spaces. Make sure you have a few well-maintained vacuums, brooms, mops and buckets on hand at all times. Develop an essentials checklist and ordering routine to make sure you never run out of floor cleaner, all-purpose sprays, disposable wipes, gloves and other PPE.

7. Remember the Windows

A well-lit workplace has been shown to have positive effects on morale and overall productivity. If you use a professional cleaning service, add window washing to your service package. Make window cleaning from the interior part of your daily checklist.

8. Manage Cables and Go Wireless

Too many cables can create a tangled hazard and hard-to-clean pockets of dust. You can create your own cable organizers or purchase inexpensive solutions through office supply companies to outfit the entire workplace.

Try to go wireless with computer equipment. Fortunately, most mice and keyboards are wireless these days but you can update printers, fax machines and other office equipment to greatly reduce the number of cords running through the office.

At Janitorial Services, we take pride in providing the highest quality service to ensure the safety, comfort and satisfaction of our customers. If you operate a business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are considering professional cleaning for your facilities, contact our team of professionals today.