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Why Proper Floor Maintenance is Critical for All Flooring

Whether warped or cracked, lumpy or has a hole in it, a lot of people don’t think about their flooring until it’s too late. Sure, flooring is super tough and can last for decades, but even it has its limits. A floor still needs to be regularly maintained. This is the rule of thumb for […]

Differences between Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Businesses based in Dallas/Ft. Worth areas sometimes get confused when making decisions about requesting janitorial services versus commercial cleaning services. Here at Fort Worh Janitorial Services, we often get asked what the differences between the two are.  Janitorial services means that certain areas are cleaned more frequently. Commercial cleaning involves deep cleaning of areas that […]

Reasons Why You Should Not Do Office Cleaning By Yourself

Some business leaders may feel that they don’t need the services of a professional cleaning company, and that’s just fine. But when you think about the pros and cons of it, you might want to rethink your reasoning if you have a business in Frisco and the Ft. worth area.  Professional cleaning companies like Janitorial […]

Building Cleaning Servicess

Why Do You Need The Highest Standard of Cleaning for Your Workspace?

You arrive at your office complex ready to start a new day. You greet the rest of the team and proceed to the shared breakroom to put your lunch in the refrigerator. You dread this part because you know even before you open the door what you’ll experience. After bracing yourself you grab the moist […]

Office Deep Cleaning

6 Things to Include in Your Office Deep Cleaning

The hustle and bustle of the office environment can easily come to a standstill from unsanitary conditions. Research has shown a connection between office cleanliness and productivity, with cleaner environments increasing energy, promoting health and generating work satisfaction. It is the onus of office managers to maximize the benefit of a clean workspace and arrange […]

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How to Protect the Health and Wellness of Your Building Tenants

Remaining successful in rental property management, as it is for most businesses, is dependent on the quality of the product. Earning and retaining customers through superior offerings saves on costs and increases revenue. If you fail to take care of your customers, they will seek solutions elsewhere, causing you to expend time and marketing efforts […]

Outsource Janitorial Services

Why Should You Outsource Janitorial Services over In-House Services?

Few businesses have the luxury of working with seemingly unlimited budgets. Money and time have to be carefully considered when planning for all of the different aspects of your operation. For most business owners and managers, understanding what services need to be outsourced and what can be done internally is a key responsibility. Many businesses […]

Office Cleaning Tips

8 Easy Office Cleaning Tips for a Tidy Workspace

For most office workers, tidiness has a direct relationship with satisfaction and productivity. A cluttered desk and disorganized workspace make it hard to maneuver, locate important materials and work safely. If you need to find an important paper, it can be infuriating to rummage through a sea of random odds and ends, wasting valuable time […]

Building Cleaning Servicess

Why Building Cleaning Services Have Gotten Tougher During COVID-19

Rapid transmission and high infection rates aren’t the only problems making COVID-19 difficult to combat in the workplace and commercial settings. Many cleaning services are finding it challenging to adequately protect clients from viral contagion with sanitization and cleaning materials. Why is their job so much tougher now than ever before? Here are just a […]

Importance of Store Cleanliness

Importance of Store Cleanliness for Shoppers

If you have a retail business, you know the value of maintaining operational efficiency. However, while your employees may be hard at work stocking shelves and assisting customers, what about your storefront’s overall cleanliness? According to a study by Harris Poll, shoppers are often turned off by an unclean business more than a bad experience. […]

Hire Professional Office Cleaning Company

When Should You Hire Professional Office Cleaning Company?

Keeping your office or commercial premises clean isn’t just a matter of best practices: it’s also been proven to increase productivity and reduce turnover. Working in a space that has stains, dust or debris cluttering up where your workers spend their days directly affects both your worker’s state of mind and their personal health. Failing […]